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In a time where it feels like everywhere you look there’s a new software or website trying to directly benefit from creator’s hard work without taking into consideration what is best for the creator, eat the internet is a breath of fresh air. I love how everything is all in one spot - I’ve found so many amazing new people to follow and have found so much inspiration! I love how each video takes me directly to the creator themselves so I can support them directly and they get credit for their hard work.

Erin Clarkson, baker at Cloudy Kitchen, Oceania correspondent for Food Supply

Finally! An easy-to-search compendium of the internet’s best recipes and food creators. Eat the Internet’s recipe curation, community focus, and cute vintage vibe are creating a fun new corner of the web to explore delicious foods, meet the next generation of food creators, and get excited about cooking again!

Jessie Kearney, baking enthusiast and improving home chef

As someone who mostly finds a new exciting dish via tiktok, the Mastering the Art of Online Cookery helps me actually learn that recipe. It’s hard to keep pausing the video y’all and this is a great resource to help me actually get cooking.

Meg McMahon, UX Librarian Extraordinaire

At the of core of cooking you’ll find people & culture—yet nearly all food sites focus on recipes and outcomes, not the creators or stories behind them. Eat the Internet is *different* in the best way possible. Not only do they showcase mouthwatering recipes I couldn’t find elsewhere, but more importantly they celebrate the creators (big and small) behind these delicious dishes.

Jack Cohen, amateur chef, professional friend

Eat the Internet is my current favorite rabbit hole. I’ve bookmarked so many new recipes and food creators, and I owe this site BIG time for teaching me how to properly dice an onion.

Rachel Cantor, writer of Morning Brew newsletter Sidekick

Eat the Internet is your virtual foodie friend - curating the best of the Internet’s cooking and serving up trends, answering the perennial question - What do I eat tonight?!

Megha Torpunuri, carb queen & croissant lover

Food Supply Technologies, Inc.


Last updated May 8, 2021

A foreword from the curators

Why we decided to build Eat the Internet.

Recipes for Mother's Day

Everyone loves a breakfast in bed.

Learn something new

You too can bring a rusty cast iron back to life.

Creators we love

Meet some of our favorite food people on the internet. This list will evolve - we have a lot of friends, and the internet is a big place.

Recipe leaderboard

Tell us what recipes you want to see added to the cookbook.

Master the air fryer

To be honest, we aren't sold on this air fryer situation, but we're here for you if that's your thing.

Quick bites

You are probably sick of cooking, so here are some recipes to get you in and out of the kitchen in a jiffy.