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Hi! We're Abena Anim-Somuah and Kenny Cohen, co-founders of Food Supply. We are two food enthusiasts from homes where food was a love language and have had our fair share of bake sales and lemonade stands. You've probably seen us in line at the farmers market adoringly gazing at squash blossoms or at the antique fair scouring to find the next vintage cookbook for our home library. On a professional note, we both have experience working at startups in product and business development respectively.

Food Supply is a marriage of our obsession of food and our interest in emerging technologies. We are just getting started on building a platform that empowers modern culinary creators with the digital tools and supportive community to build their business. Check out what we're up to at foodsupply.xyz and sign up for updates if you fit the bill.

To read our ramblings and recommendations on all things food & drink, check out our blog, Le Digestif!

If you wanna spend some time with us, don't be shy and say hi! Shoot us a note over at hey@foodsupply.xyz! We always respond :)







Illustrations by Ata Ojani

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Last updated May 8, 2021

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